Team 91 Texas Lacrosse is a Houston area year-round, competitive, youth, travel lacrosse club dedicated to teaching and growing the game and the player.


Team 91 Texas Lacrosse
Policies & Procedures

The Team 91 Texas (T91TX) Policies & Procedures are in addition to, and meant to compliment, the applicable rules/rule waivers for each tournament in which the T91TX participates. In the case of a conflict between the T91TX Policies & Procedures and the applicable rules/rule waivers, the rules/rule waivers shall govern.

All participants in T91TX, no matter what capacity, are deemed to be aware of these policies and procedures.

Opportunity Statement

The T91TX teaches life lessons and the drive for success through the teaching of lacrosse, in an effort to ensure its players reach the highest possible level of play.

The moral of T91TX is PRIDE, which stands for:

  • P – Preparation
  • R – Respect for parents, teachers, others and lacrosse
  • I – Integrity
  • D – Determination
  • E – Effort.

T91TX Board

The T91TX Board operates in accordance with the current by-laws, including any adopted amendments.


The T91TX parent is to:


  • Be positive and supportive of their Player at home, during practice and at games;
  • Consult with available tools (such as: for information on practices, games, events;
  • Assist their Player to care for his/her equipment, uniform, etc...;
  • Consult with for answers to general questions;
  • Communicate all complaints to the, without exception;
  • Reply-To-All emails listing a complaint are not acceptable and will result in the potential termination of the parent and player;
  • Volunteer to help with games, practices, etc...;
  • Wait to approach Coaches, Management Company, and/or volunteers regarding games until 24-hours have passed from the end of the game; and
  • Abide by the T91TX Code of Conduct.


The T91TX player is to:

  • Obtain and maintain a valid US Lacrosse number (;
  • Act with PRIDE and be respectful both on/off the field;
  • Endeavor to complete school work and lacrosse homework;
  • Participate in all practices and games, arriving on-time and with the proper attire and equipment;
  • Practices: On-time is 15 minutes early
  • Games: On-time may be 30-minutes to 1-hour early, depending upon the division and Coaches discretion; and
  • Abide by T91TX Code of Conduct.



The T91TX Coach is:

  • Required to develop weekly practice plans, in coordination, with the Assistant Coaches;

o  Such practice plans are to be aligned with the Sienna Panthers philosophy of “Assignment, Alignment and Attitude”

  • To participate in T91TX coaches training;
  • To allow for, and assist in, the development of Assistant Coaches and Coaches Assistants; and
  • Not permitted to assemble his/her teams, or a subset of such team, to participate in non-T91TX approved tournaments, camps, showcases, video-taping, etc... whether this is, or is not, for any extra fee.

Management Company

The T91TX Management Company is responsible for:

  • Negotiating all T91TX contracts, including but not limited to: management and operations, field rental, storage rental, coaches training, player clinics/camps, etc...
  • Creating T91TX season budgets and season calendar of events;
  • Ensuring all registration papers and payments are received for each T91TX player;
  • Maintaining the official T91TX schedule, including but not limited to: practices, make-up practices and game schedule;
  • Providing pinnies and/or uniforms to distribute; and
  • Paying bills and filing taxes.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee will be comprised on 2 Committee members. The Marketing Committee is responsible for: (a) developing and maintaining a marketing contact database; (b) developing a plan for T91TX, including but not limited to print media, social media, community outreach (including but not limited to signage, publications to community newsletter, school demos, etc.) and state/national outreach (including but not limited to national tournaments, publications, ranking organizations, etc.); (c) implementing said plan each season; and (d) making adjustments to said plan for the following season.

Suggested actions to be taken will be discussed with the T91TX Board prior to implementation.

Dress Code

The following dress code policies apply to T91TX:

  • Players are to attend practices and games in all required safety gear (helmet, chest pads, arm pads, gloves, mouth piece, cup, shin guard (where appropriate), throat guard (where appropriate), eye wear (where appropriate ));
  • Players are required to attend practices and games in required practice pinnie and/or shooting shirt or uniform, respectively;
  • As per applicable tournament rules, failure to wear a uniform will result in the players inability to participate in a game;
  • Players are required to have clean helmets, stick heads, cleats, uniforms for each game; and
  • Helmets are to be free of any stickers and/or decals other than those provided by T91TX.


The following policies apply to T91TX practices:

  • T91TX Board is to establish official practice schedule and practice location;
  • Only T91TX Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Coaches Assistants are to conduct a practice;
  • Other than Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Coaches Assistants, no parent, sibling and/or other person is permitted on the field during practice for any reason;
  • Other than Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Coaches Assistants, no parent, sibling and/or other person is permitted to instruct a player during practice;
  • Players are to address Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Coaches with respect on the practice field, using “sir” or “mam” in response to questions and where appropriate;
  • Practice is mandatory; and
  • Practice is not a “play-date” nor “social-hour” but are structured to teach the game of lacrosse through discipline, personal responsibility and team work.

The following procedures apply to T91TX practices:

  • When a player is unable to attend practice, the player is to communicate this prior to the scheduled practice, via email, to;
  • Missing practice may result in reduced playing time; and
  • If a player arrives to practice without the proper safety gear and/or attire, the Coach may request the player remedy the situation. If the player cannot remedy the situation, the Coach may require the player observe practice, rather than participate in such practice.


The following policies apply to T91TX tournaments:

  • T91TX Board is to establish official tournament schedule and tournament location; and
  • Player participation in tournaments is mandatory (with very limited exceptions that must be approved by


Registration & Payment

  • Players must complete all registration forms (online and written) and pay registration payment, in full, in order to participate.
  • Refunds are not available under any circumstances.
  • Scholarships and partial payment plans are not available.


  • Donations made to T91TX do not entitle the donor to direct the application of such funds without a prior written agreement between the donor and the Board.



A copy of these Policies and Procedures can be downloaded here.