Team 91 Texas Lacrosse is a Houston area year-round, competitive, youth, travel lacrosse club dedicated to teaching and growing the game and the player.


Team 91 Texas was started with one thing in mind – to provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen in most select lacrosse programs. Our coaches are among some of the best in the game today. They include MLL Coaches of the Year, MLL Positional Players of the Year, Several MLL All Stars, as well as countless All-American players as well as college and HS coaches.

Some of the things that separate Team 91 Texas from other select lacrosse programs include:

Current Lacrosse Training: Team 91 Texas flies current youth and college coaches from New York and Maryland into Texas to train its lacrosse players. Because the game of lacrosse is constantly changing, this is very important to Texas select lacrosse players. With current lacrosse training, Team 91 Texas lacrosse players are able to better compete in showcases and combines throughout the country. Why? Because Team 91 Texas players are being taught the same exact things as New York and Maryland lacrosse players.

Current Honest Lacrosse Skills Evaluations: Team 91 Texas flies current youth and college coaches from New York and Maryland into Texas to help evaluate the Texas player′s lacrosse skills and abilities. This is very important to the Texas select lacrosse player because he/she needs an honest assessment of his/her skills versus the same grade player from New York and Maryland. This knowledge allows the Team 91 Texas player the time to work on the necessary skills to improve. Additionally, and because Team 91 Texas is run through a non-profit entity, Team 91 Texas coaches are able to choose the right players for its select lacrosse teams and not simply pick up to a needed number of players in order to generate a profit.

Small Teams: By running Team 91 Texas through a non-profit entity, Team 91 Texas is able to keep its team sizes small. This is very important to Team 91 Texas because with smaller teams more Team 91 Texas lacrosse players get to learn and grow through more "touches" in both practice and in lacrosse tournaments. Additionally, small team sizes makes it easier for the players to network and meet with the New York and Maryland Team 91 lacrosse coaches that often visit and coach in Texas and other parts of the country.

Low Prices: By running Team 91 a non-profit entity, Team 91 Texas is able to keep prices low. Team 91 Texas knows that one of the most important things for a Texas lacrosse player is networking, which requires traveling and playing lacrosse outside of Texas. By keeping prices low, Team 91 Texas hopes to allow more players to travel more often to prominent lacrosse jurisdictions. Additionally, by keeping the prices low, Team 91 Texas welcomes every, and all, Texas athletes onto its team. This is very important for Texas select lacrosse players, because when surrounded by great lacrosse players, every lacrosse player improves.

National Lacrosse Federation: Team 91 is part of the National Lacrosse Federation. The National Lacrosse Federation is run by six of the leading lacrosse clubs in the country. Its goal is to bring the top select lacrosse programs and players together from all over the county together in order to create the most competitive and enjoyable events. With so many "showcase" lacrosse camps and money being limited, being a member of the National Lacrosse Federation is very important to the Team 91 Texas lacrosse player - it reduces the amount of over-priced, low-value camps that the Team 91 Texas lacrosse players attend.

Supports Multi-Sport Players: Team 91 Texas knows that the multi-sport player makes a better lacrosse player. Therefore, the Team 91 Texas fall/winter select lacrosse only has practices on Sundays for 1 ½ hours and offers a Regional option which has teams that only participate in tournaments in Texas. (Note, summer practice schedules are different in order to prepare for out-of-state tournaments).  A well rounded athlete is an asset to the Team 91 Texas program and the players in Team 91 Texas.

Team 91 National Lacrosse Team: Team 91 Texas lacrosse players all have the opportunity to be chosen to participate on the Team 91 Texas National Lacrosse Team. The Team 91 Texas National Lacrosse Team is made up of the best Team 91 Texas lacrosse players and get to participate in elite tournaments throughout the country.   

College Recruiting Program: The Team 91 Texas lacrosse players from seventh grade and above are able to take advantage of the Team 91 Texas College Recruiting Program. The Team 91 Texas College Recruiting Program is a "check-list" or a "task-list" of sorts, created by Team 91 Texas for its select lacrosse players, laying out step-by-step what a select lacrosse player must do to reach his/her lacrosse goals.  

What programs does Team 91 Texas Offer?

Team 91 Texas offers the following lacrosse programs:

  • Team 91 Texas - Select LacrosseTeam 91 Texas  Select Program offers the best select lacrosse training in Texas while balancing the need to encourage its select lacrosse players to participate in other sports in the fall/winter "off" season.  Team 91 Texas Summer Select Programs offers an opportunity to Texas select lacrosse players like no other, providing its players with the opportunity to play in lacrosse tournaments in extremely competitive lacrosse jurisdictions – such as New York and Maryland.  Team 91 Texas knows that the playing of tournaments in these jurisdictions may not be glamorous because it is not close to a beach or to mountains, but to Team 91 Texas these things are not important.  It is more important to bring select lacrosse players to lacrosse jurisdictions where: (a) the competition is steep, in order to raise the level of play of our Texas players and to evaluate the actual level of play of our Texas players and (b) the college lacrosse coaches are watching, in order to make sure that no opportunity is lost for our Texas players.
  • Team 91 Texas - Box Lacrosse: Box lacrosse is an indoor version of lacrosse played mostly in North America.  The game originated in Canada, where it is the most popular version of the game.  Box lacrosse is played between two teams of five players and one goalie, and is traditionally played in an indoor hockey rink once the ice has been removed.  Training in a smaller playing area and the shooting smaller goals is extremely helpful in improving the hand, feet and stick skills of lacrosse players.
  • Team 91 Texas – Coaches Training: Team 91 Texas is committed to increasing the level of lacrosse training to all Texas lacrosse players.  That is why Team 91 Texas welcomes all lacrosse coaches in Texas to take its coaches training for free.

How will a player know if he/she has made a Team 91 Texas select lacrosse team?

Email invitations will be sent to each player that has made the Team 91 Texas select lacrosse team within forty-eight (48) hours of the end of all tryouts for that particular season (e.g. fall or summer season).  If a player does not receive an email, it does not mean that he/she did not make the team.  Invitation emails will be ongoing until each team roster is full.

How does a player secure a space on a Team 91 Texas roster?

In the email invitation, each player will be provided an invitation only registration link.  To secure his/her space on a Team 91 Texas roster, the player must register within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the email invitation.

What is the Team 91 Texas Refund Policy?

Team 91 Texas does not give refunds under any circumstances.

What does the Team 91 Texas registration fee cover?

The Team 91 Texas registration fee covers:

  • Lacrosse instruction;
  • Uniforms;
  • Tournament fees; and
  • Practice time.

Travel expenditures and expenditures for lacrosse equipment are the sole responsibility of the Team 91 Texas player.  Additional tournament fees for the Team 91 National Team are also the sole responsibility of the Team 91 Texas player.

Team 91 Texas Lacrosse – Program Overview

Team 91 Texas started as LI-Tex Elite lacrosse (Long Island "LI" instruction in Houston, Texas "TX") in the summer of 2012.  Over the years, while searching for more efficient methods to bring the best quality of lacrosse coaching to the lacrosse players of Texas, LI-TEX Elite had under gone many changes, such as name changes (e.g. Sienna Panthers Lacrosse, Claws), information technology improvements, practice planning improvements, etc.  More importantly, the level of lacrosse training improved each year.  In the summer of 2015 when Team 91 Texas, under the name of the Claws, took 16 fifth and sixth graders to New York to compete in summer tournaments.   These 16 Texas lacrosse players made a huge impression on the New York select lacrosse community and after their summer performance the Claws was approached by multiple national select lacrosse programs to join forces.  When Team 91 Lacrosse and the board of the Claws met to create Team 91 Texas, the excitement in the room was electrifying.  They knew that together they could bring the best level, and most current, select lacrosse training to all the players of Texas.  From 2012 to today, the goal of Team 91 Lacrosse has remained the same – bring the best youth lacrosse players of Texas together onto select lacrosse teams and travel to both fall and summer tournaments in order to network and gain exposure for its players.